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Library Resource Guide for: STATISTICS AND DATA

Statistics @ Brown

A statistics course is required by many concentrations at Brown. Classes are offered in the following departments:

Departments Example Courses
Applied Mathematics APMA0650: Essential Statistics APMA1650: Statistical Inference I
Bio-Med Community Health PHP2500: Introduction to Biostatistics
Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences CLPS0900: Quantitative Methods in Psychology
Computer Science CSCI1960: Alogorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology
Economics ECON1360: Health Economics
Education EDUC1110: Introductory Statistics for Education Research and Policy Analysis
Geological Sciences GEOL2300: Mathematical Models in the Geological Sciences
Mathematics MATH1620: Mathematical Statistics
Physics PHYS0560: Experiments in Modern Physics
Public Policy & American Institutions PPAI2030: Statistics
Political Science POLS1600: Political Research Methods
Sociology SOC1100: Introductory Statistics for Social Research

Course offerings varies from year to year. You can find specifics on these classes by going to the Brown Online Course Announcement (BOCA) and either searching by area of study(departments) or by using "statistics" in Text option.