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Library Resource Guide for: STATISTICS AND DATA

Additional Links & Resources

Brown University Center for Statistical Sciences is located on the second floor of the Hemisphere Building, 167 Angell Street, (401) 863-9181

Texas A&M Univerisity Statistics Deparment: SPSS Tutorials

HyperStat Online: Introductory statistics book with links to other books, calculation programs and instructional demonstrations Statistics articles, sources, datasets, links, SAS and SPSS Sources

MIT Support for Statistical Software: Tutorials on Statistical Analysis programs and links

Raynald's SPSS Tools: FAQ, Syntax, Macros, Tips, Links, and Scripts on SPSS

Princeton Stata Tutorial: step-by-step "script" tutorial of STATA

Harvard-MIT Guide to SPSS: written tutorial as an introductory guide to SPSS. This tutorial takes you through the steps of testing a simple research question

York University - Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources: annotated, topic-based collection of available resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data analysis and teachings