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Brown University Library is a selective depository for United States government documents. Brown is one of the oldest depository libraries in the state (designated prior to 1878) and serves the citizens of the First Congressional District and the State of Rhode Island. The library receives publications from all branches and agencies of the Federal government.

Brown is one of 12 Federal Depository libraries in Rhode Island . These libraries cooperatively collect materials distributed by the U.S. Government Printing Office through the Federal Depository Library Program. If a particular government document is not in the Brown Library collection, it may be available at one of the other Depository libraries in RI. In addition, the Connecticut State Library (Hartford, 203-566-4777) and the Boston Public Library (617-536-5400, x226) are Regional Depository libraries; as such, they receive all publications distributed by the U.S. Government Printing Office.

Federal government documents in the Brown University Library can be located by using the following tools (located immediately ouside the Documents Office, 1st floor, Rockefeller Library):

Monthly Catalog to U.S. Government Publications (1895-present) - index to all documents cataloged by the Government Printing Office. An electronic version of the GPO Monthly Catalog, for the years 1976 to the present, is also available.

Documents Shelflist - card file of the Federal depository materials held by the Brown University Library. The card file is arranged by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) number.

Josiah - the online catalog of Brown University Library. Use Josiah to find Federal documents that have been cataloged for the library's main collection (these documents are shelved in the main stack area using Library of Congress call numbers).

Location of U.S. Federal Documents
  • Rockefeller Library - Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Collection:
    • Paper documents - 2nd floor, stack ranges 18-51; SuDoc maps are filed on the 2nd floor reading room adjacent to the Computer Cluster.
    • Microfiche - 1st floor, Hecker Center (north of the Rockefeller Reference Room).
    • CD-ROMs - available from the Reference Desk or Documents Office (south side of the Rockefeller Reference Room).

  • Science Library - Map Collection:
    • The depository map collections from the U.S. Geological Survey and the Defense Mapping Agency are housed on the 8th floor of the Sciences Library.

  • Rockefeller and Science Libraries - General Collection:
    • Some government documents (selected periodicals, reference materials, etc.) have been added to the library's general collection and are shelved by Library of Congress call number. Consult Josiah (the online catalog) for the call numbers and locations.

Call numbers and locations for some popular titles of U.S. government publications (including links to selected Internet sources):

Budget of the U.S. Government -- 1-Size HJ2051 .A59 Latest yr. REF
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance -- 1 Size HC110.P63 C35x REF
Census reports (decennial) -- 1-Size HA201 1990 REF; earlier years: Rock 4th floor
Code of Federal Regulations -- J1.A32 Latest yr. REF; earlier yrs. MICROFICHE
Commerce Business Daily -- 1 Size JK1673.A24 Periodicals (current 3 months only)
Congressional committee hearings -- Shelved by SuDoc number (Y4.), Rock 2nd floor
Congressional Record -- 1-Size J11.R (Rock 4th floor)
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Detailed report -- 1-Size HD6983.A25 (current issues in Periodicals)
Federal Register -- J1.A2 MICROFICHE (current month in paper in REF)
Public Papers of the President -- J80.A2 (Rock 4th floor)
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. -- HA202.A2 latest yr. REF (Rock and Science)
Uniform Crime Reports -- 1-Size HV6787.A54 Latest yr. REF
United States Code Service, Lawyers Edition -- KF62 1972 L38 REF
U.S. Congressional Serial Set -- Rock 3rd floor, stack ranges 39-42
U.S. Government Manual -- JK421.A3 Latest yr. REF
U.S. Supreme Court Reports -- KF101.A3 (Rock 4th floor)
Vital Statistics of the U.S. -- 1-Size HA203.A25 Latest yr. REF
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents -- 1-Size J80.A26 (current issues Periodicals)

Electronic Federal Government Information

  • CD-ROMs - Brown University Library has a growing collection of depository CD-ROMs (more than 1,700 at present). These cover a wide range of subject areas and provide textual, statistical, numeric, image, and geographic data in a variety of file formats. Some of the most popular CD-ROM titles, including the 1990 Census, the U.S. Statistical Abstract, and others, are loaded and available for use at the Government Documents Gateway CD-ROM workstation (located outside the Documents Office). Other depository CD-ROMs are available from the Documents Office, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or by special arrangement.

  • GPO Access - the U.S. Government Printing Office provides online full-text access to a number of important Federal information sources through its World Wide Web service, GPO Access. Titles currently available include the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Congressional Record, congressional bills and laws, the United States Code, Supreme Court Reports, the Budget of the United States, General Accounting Office reports, and many others. GPO Access is available from the computer workstations in the Reference area and accessible via the internet.
    • Federal Register is part of the GPO. It contains publications for rules, proposed rules, notices of Federal agencies and organizations, executive orders and other presidential documents.

    Library of Congress is the "nation's library" and is the research arm of Congress. It is the world's largest library, with more than 120 million items on 530 miles of bookshelves.

    • Thomas the official source of United States Federal Legislative information. It contains documents concerning Congressional legislation, Federal legislation, Bills, Resolutions, Congressional Record, Committee reports, Conferences reports, House committees, Senate committees, Roll call votes, Treaties, Nominations, and Appropriations.
    Congressional Research Service Reports (CRS) provides access to many of the full-text CRS reports since 1990, which are published by the public policy research arm of Congress. The CRS is a legislative branch agency.

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