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Reproduction Fee Schedules

All duplication requests require completion of an Application to Reproduce Special Collections Material which exists in two versions, one for manuscripts and one for non-manuscripts. If a copy is to be published in any format, an Application to Publish must be completed as well.

Photocopy Fee Schedule:  

Please note:  Large or complicated orders may incur an additional preparation fee of $15.00 per 100 pages. There is no charge for on-site copying.

Off-Site Users:



+ Postage & handling

Copies from microforms


+ Postage & handling

Copies from manuscripts


+ Postage & handling

Postage & Handling:

1 - 10 pages



11 - 50 pages



51 - 75 pages



76 - 100 pages


Researchers will be limited to 100 photocopies from a manuscript collection per academic year. Researchers are encouraged to use their own digital cameras for large orders.

International surcharge



Microfilm Fee Schedule:

Please note: It takes 8-10 weeks to microfilm a title and 2-3 weeks to duplicate an existing microfilm reel.


Per opening (usually 2 facing pages)


Minimum charge for newly filmed items, up to 150 frames (or 300 normal-sized pages); charge thereafter is $ .50 per frame.


Positive microfilm from existing negative


These fees include postage to U.S. destinations.
International surcharge: $5.00

Note: It is possible to convert microfilm into paper copy through the 'copyflo' process which is available at these New England Companies:
-- Microimage III, 196A Elm Street, Everett. MA 02149; 617-394-0036
-- OmniSys Corp., 211 Second Avenue, Waltham, MA 02154; 508-684-1234

Digital Imaging Fee Schedule:
Images are delivered electronically or on CD-ROM. Requests for more than five images are handled on a case by case basis. To request this service use the Request for Digital Imaging or Request for Digital Production Services Digital Imaging (rare or oversize material) forms.

Brown University User, 1-5 images

No Charge

Brown University User, 6 + images

$5.00 per image

Non- Brown User

$10.00 per image




$5.00 minimum

Publication Fee Schedule:
An Application to Publish Special Collections Material must be completed and approved if reproductions are to be published in any format. The John Hay Library no longer charges publication fees.