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Paging Material

Requesting Special Collections Materials

Most Special Collections material is paged four times a day: twice in the morning (9:30 and 11:30) and twice in the afternoon (2:00 and 3:30). Requests submitted after 3:30 will be deferred until the next business day. There are a few collections that can’t always be paged at the times listed above; in this case, library staff will page as soon as possible and will notify you when the material is available.

Requests may be submitted in person by submitting a call slip at the Reader's Services desk, by mail, by telephone, or electronically, by filling out a Paging Request for Special Collections Material. Some Special Collections material has been transferred to the Library Collections Annex and may take up to two business days to retrieve. Before making travel plans, please contact the John Hay Library to determine a collection's availability. Email:

Call Slips

Please fill out a three-part call slip for each item requested. Please press firmly and include collection name, call number, author, title, your name and your address or Brown box number. If you are using Josiah, the Library's online catalog, the collection name and call number is found in the 'Location and Call Number' area of the screen. Please consult a staff member for assistance in filling out call slips for manuscript material. Accuracy in filling out call slips will expedite paging requests.