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Integrated Technology Services

Integrated Technology Services (ITS), along with Digital Production Services (DPS), Brown Digital Repository Services (BDR), and Library Web Services, make up the Digital Technologies Department.

  • Provides support for the Library’s commercial and enterprise software
  • Designs and develops specialized software, which meets the needs of faculty and students for access to library resources at any time, in any location, in any medium, via any platform or device
  • Supports the infrastructure of the Library’s web presence.
  • Supports internal Library operations by automating and streamlining staff workflows and processes
  • Supports the Library’s assessment efforts by developing tools to collect, store, describe, update, access and report on data.
  • Works closely with CIS staff on standards and security. Manages the library’s UNIX and NT servers.
  • Includes the Library Technology Support & Training (LibTech) group, responsible for maintaining the library’s technology base by providing desktop support for library staff workstations, and coordinating and administering technology purchases for the library.

ITS Staff:

Jean Rainwater, Department Head

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