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We are the Library’s personal "help desk" for common desktop computer and printer issues and software applications such as Windows, Outlook/email, Internet Explorer/FireFox, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), File Maker, and other widely used computer and multimedia tools. Many questions or problems will be able to be addressed immediately either by phone or e-mail, or we’ll come see you in person. Trish Dumin and Shashi Mishra should be the first point of contact when requiring technical assistance.

For issues that are more complicated, we will always attempt to respond in a timely manner and keep you informed of progress. When necessary, we will refer your computer problem or your questions about computer applications/software to CIS or other appropriate support groups.


Training: We also offer a variety of learning opportunities to the Library staff. It is our hope to be able to expand on training classes that have been offered in the past as well as to develop new ones tailored to Library. We are happy to provide any technical training at the individual, departmental, or Library levels. Recognizing that staff have a variety of learning styles and preferences, we are happy to tailor classes to meet those needs. Our goal is to develop training materials such as: tech tips, tip sheets, self-paced guides, one-on-one instructional sessions. We are open to new training ideas and concepts, please feel free to e-mail Libtech with any suggestions.

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