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Montreal, Quebec. 1959-present

Liberté was created to address what its founding members—which included Jean-Guy Pilon, Jacques Godbout, Fernand Ouelette and later Hubert Aquin—would refer to as an “urgent need.” According to the inaugural editorial, in 1959 no literary or cultural journal existed to promote and bear witness to the intellectual and artistic developments occurring in the French-Canadian context, or at least none that would “account for, step by step, the evolution of thought, of creativity in all its forms, of artistic life in all its manifestations.” Emerging at the end of a period marked by economic, political and religious repression known as the “Great Darkness,” Liberté would actively participate in defending and propagating individual and collective freedoms while summoning the advent of modernity in the province.



None of the journal’s early issues have been reprinted or digitized. A catalog describing the many back copies which are still available can be obtained.



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