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L’Etudiant Noir, « Journal des Étudiants Martiniquais en France »

Paris, France. 1935


As Edward Ako has explained, because copies of L’Étudiant Noir are so hard to come by, the journal which is said to have brought together the “Fathers of Negritude”—Aimé Césaire, Léopold S. Senghor and Léon G. Damas—has generated a good deal of speculation among scholars. Despite numerous claims to the contrary, Ako demonstrates that Damas was not, in fact, among the contributors of what is in all probability the sole issue of this periodical ever published. Echoing certain of the humanistic ambitions expressed in La Revue du Monde Noir’s inaugural editorial of 1931, and initiating a plea he would take up ten years later when launching his own journal, Tropiques, Césaire wrote:

“Black Youth wishes to take action and create. It wants to have its own poets and novelists who will speak to it, who will recount its sorrows and greatness; Black Youth wants to contribute to universalism and to the humanization of humanity.”



Unfortunately, no reprint edition of this rare single-issue journal is currently available.



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