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Chat (BULchat)

  • Use the chat widget at right to chat with a librarian
  • No account or login is required
  • Make sure to keep this window open during your chat
  • Questions? Check out the Chat FAQ. You can also view a video tutorial about using the Ask A Librarian service.
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  Hours for chat and text message service
(academic year)
Sunday - Thursday, 10am-midnight
Friday and Saturday, 10am-10pm
Text Message - SMS
  • Send a text message to 401-285-1275 (401BUL1ASK) for a brief answer to simple questions
  • Cell phone service providers may charge for received text messages
Research Consultation In Person
  • Rockefeller Lib. Service Desk (401) 863-2165
  • Sciences Library Service Desk (401) 863-3333
  • Orwig Music Library (401) 863-3759
  • John Hay Library (401) 863-3723
  • Art Slide Library (401) 863-3218