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  Printing and Copying

Printing: Printing, including color printing, is provided in the following library computing clusters:

  • The Rockefeller Library Public Computing Cluster is located on the first and second floors, of the Rockefeller Library. 
  • The Sciences Library Public Computing Cluster is located on Level A and the Mezzanine level of the Sciences Library.

All students can send documents from a cluster computer, their residence hall rooms, or from a wireless connection using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client, to the PAW (People Against Waste) Prints queue and release them for printing at release stations next to the printers or at the CIT dispatch window. All students are given $30 in printing at the beginning of the fall semester. Once the value is used on the PAW Prints card, students can use the vending stripe on their Brown ID to pay for printing.


  • Rock: self-service photocopiers are on level 2 and in the Periodical Reading Room. In addition, a color copying service is provided by the Circulation/Reserves staff at the Rockefeller Library.
  • Sciences: they are in the Lobby and on several stack floors.
  • Orwig: there is one copier in the reading room.
  • Library users are responsible for insuring that copying complies with U.S. copyright laws. Change machines are located near the Circulation desks of the Rock and Sci Li.
  • The John Hay Library will provide reproductions of Special Collections materials to the extent that physical condition and copyright or other legal restrictions apply. See John Hay Library Reproduction Services for more specific information and current fee schedules.

Copyright law applies; printing more than 10% of any book, online or print, is a copyright violation. ebrary allows you to print one page at a time up to ten pages, and 40 pages only during one browser session.