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  Delivery to Faculty Offices

What Is It?

The library is pleased to offer a service which allows Faculty members to request library books for delivery to their department mail room or administrative office, Monday through Friday, during regular office hours. There is no charge for this service.

How Does It Work?

Requests for titles held by Brown are placed through the request feature in Josiah, the library catalog. However, we will also deliver items obtained for you through easyBorrow, Borrow Direct, and InRhode. In all cases, we will notify you of the availability of the requested title and if you wish to have it delivered, you need only to reply to that effect to the notification email. We will check out the book to you through the library's circulation system. The delivery is through the University campus mail system to your department's mail room or administrative office. Note that delivery times may vary but you should receive your requested item(s) within two business days.

To return books, you may use the same envelope used to deliver them or something equally sturdy. Please address returned books to: Rockefeller Library Circulation office - BOX A.

View your circulation record, or renew held items, here: