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Thomas E. Skidmore papers

Scope & content

This collections contains the personal and professional files created by Thomas E. Skidmore during 1950-2005. The one item created in 1878 was collected by Skidmore as part of his research on Brazil.

Series 1. Administrative Files. This series dates from 1960-2002 and is arranged alphabetically by the title of the folder. It contains files related to administrative issues primarily during his tenure at Brown University.

Series 2. Books. These files date from 1963-2006 and contain manuscript and typescript drafts authored by Skidmore and several other authors for books and articles about South America and Brazil.

Series 3. Conference Files. These files date from 1951-2005 and relate to conferences that Skidmore helped organize and/or attended.

Series 4. Conference Papers. These files date from 1971-2005 and contain papers and speeches that Skidmore delivered at conferences and also conference papers given by other scholars that he collected as part of his research.

Series 5. Correspondence. These materials date from 1954-2002 and contain both personal and professional correspondence.

Series 6. Courses. These files date from 1951-2004. They document the courses that Skidmore took as a student as well as the courses he taught at the University of Wisconsin and Brown Univeristy as a professor.

Series 7. Diaries. This series contains the diaries Skidmore wrote from 1962-1984. Of note are the diaries he kept during his trips to Brazil and Cuba.

Series 8. Education. This series covers 1950-2002 and contains his notes and documentation for courses he took as a student. This series also includes copies of his curriculum vitae. For more information about his education see also Series 5. Correspondence, Series 6. Courses, Series 7. Diaries, and Series 9. Essays.

Series 9. Essays. These materials date from 1953-2004 and contain essays that Skidmore wrote while a student as well as later in his career as a professor and expert on Brazil. This series also contains essays written by other scholars and by students who took classes with Professor Skidmore at the University of Wisconsin and Brown University.

Series 10. General. These files date from 1954-2001 and relate primarily to trips he made to Brazil. This series also contains information about his work with the Ford Foundation and other granting agencies.

Series 11. Interviews. This series dates from 1965-2005 and contains copies of interviews Skidmore gave to various news agencies and reporters along with the related documentation.

Series 12. Research Files. These materials date from 1954-2003 and contain the files, essays, papers, articles, publications and notes that he collected as part of his research on Brazil and other topics. They include research files he began gathering during his undergraduate career.

Series 13. Reviews. These materials date from 1961-2004 and contain reviews written by Skidmore about publications by other scholars. It also contains reviews written by others about Skidmore’s work.

Series 14. Speeches. This series contains copies of speeches given by Skidmore and other scholars between 1975-2002.

Series 15. Testimony. This series contains documentation on the testimony that Skidmore gave in front of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations between 1977-1978.

Series 16. Artwork. This series contains artwork created by people other than Skidmore and is undated with the exception of the 1961 drawings by F.A. Wellbrock of sailboats. It is not clear why these items are part of his collection nor how they might relate to his personal life.

Series 17. Photographs. The photographs in this series dating from 1958-2000 were primarily taken by Skidmore on various trips to Brazil and relate primarily to his professional life rather than his personal life.

Series 18. Audio Recordings. The majority of the audio recordings were commercially produced as part of educational series on Latin America. Of note is a recording of Skidmore giving a talk at West Point in 1977 titled “Brazil since 1964.”

Series 19. Video Recordings. The video recordings are a mix of items Skidmore collected for his research files and copies of interviews given by Skidmore for various news organizations.