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Ned Quist

Associate University Librarian for Research and Outreach Services
Rockefeller Library Room 121
863-5083 863-2162
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Greetings! Please feel free to drop into my office at the Rock whenever you see the door open.

Ned is the specialist for these areas:
Language Studies
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Slavic Languages
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Ned's Subject Guides include:
Virtual Reference
United Nations Government Information
Scholarly Communications Information
Citation and Copyright
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More About Ned:
I come from Bennington, Vermont where I grew up up on an old horse farm (but the horses weren't ours, so I never learned to ride). My undergraduate education was at Colgate University during the turbulent 1970s. I then went to the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore where I completed my Masters in Music History and got my first job as a music librarian. I went back to school at got a second Master's in Library Science at Catholic University. I'm actively involved in the Music Library Association and the American Musicological Society. My research interests include the work of Russian-American theorist and pedagogue, Joseph Schillinger, and I dabble in the folk music revival and jazz of most all periods.