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  • Cleaning your Data with OpenRefine
    The workshop will use the popular open source tool, OpenRefine.
    Data Tools
  • EndNote Workshop
    In this session you will learn how to create a library of citations and how to manage all those references that you have been collecting for various projects.
    Reference Tools
  • Mendeley First-Timers
    Mendeley is reference management software with an academic social network that users can initiate free from the website.
    Reference Tools
  • Grant Finding @ Brown and Beyond
    This training session will provide participants with an overview of the most comprehensive grant finding tools available to the Brown University community: Pivot and the Foundations Directory Online (FDO).
    Grant-finding Tools
  • Introduction to ARTstor & Luna Insight
    ARTstor is a digital library of over one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences with a set of tools to view, present, and manage images. Luna Insight is a platform for images requested by faculty as well as specific free collections available to all subscribers. This session will provide you with an introduction to both resources.
    Image-Finding Tools
  • Introduction to GIS with QGIS
    This tutorial introduces and seeks to impart familiarity with the features and tools provided by QGIS (Quantum GIS - an opensource GIS application) while also providing an introduction to the fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems/Science.
    Mapping Tools
  • Intermediate GIS with ArcMap
    This tutorial builds on Introduction to GIS with ArcMap providing a more comprehensive set of data management and manipulation tools and skills while also expanding on and improving cartographic production and fundamental geographic analysis skills.
    Mapping Tools
  • Introduction to Social Science Research Resources
    This workshop provides a quick overview of many of the Brown University Library resources that students, faculty, and staff might need for social sciences research projects.
    Data Tools
  • Mapping on the Web
    This tutorial introduces and seeks to impart familiarity with the features and tools available on the internet for making maps. GoogleEarth, GoogleMaps (MapsEngine), OpenStreetMap and other resources will be discussed and there will be practical exercises for creating basic maps for embedding in websites.
    Mapping Tools
  • Tableau workshop
    The library will offer a 90-minute workshop on Tableau, a software package that allows users to upload and explore their data, and quickly put together a variety of visualizations that can be published to the web.
    Data Tools
  • Zotero Workshop
    In this class we use Zotero to enter and capture data, how to retrieve it in the form of bibliographies and how to integrate your Zotero data into your Word documents. The best part is this: Zotero is free and runs on either Mac or Windows machines.
    Reference Tools