H. Adrian Smith Collection of Conjuring and Magicana

The H. Adrian Smith Collection of Conjuring and Magicana, long considered one of the finest private libraries on conjuring and magic, includes 16th century titles on natural magic, alchemy, astrology, religious rites, and witchcraft. Later holdings include sections on conjuring, card tricks and games, magicians as performers, magic periodicals and other works intended for practicing magicians, posters, ephemera, and realia. The Collection is the gift and bequest of the collector, class of 1930, who as an undergraduate put himself through Brown by giving magic performances.

Format(s): Books, Serials, Manuscripts, Graphics, Video Files
Library: John Hay, Collections Annex
NOTE: Portions of this collection are housed off-site. Prior notice is needed for retrieval
Contact(s): Christopher_Geissler@brown.edu

Access to the collection:

Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Individual records for most printed materials available on JOSIAH

Other Online Access:
Publication: Books at Brown, Volume XXXIV, 1987

As of 2009, the manuscript and archival materials are being processed, and work in continuing on cataloging the serials. The print materials are fully cataloged, and records for media are available in the Library's online catalog.

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