The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection: The Mazansky British Sword Collection

In 1998, Dr. Cyril Mazansky of Newton, Massachusetts, and a parent of a Brown graduate, donated 105 British swords to Brown University Library. While they are now adminstered by the military collection, they are on permanent exhibition at the Annmary Brown Memorial, 15 Brown Street. The swords are displayed in 8 vertical cases and 12 vitrines, and are illuminated using fibre-optic lighting.

The Mazansky British Sword CollectionRanging from an early 17th century English rapier to World War One dress swords, the collection includes a wide range of weapons such as broadswords, smallswords, regimental issues and mameluke swords. Detailed labels inform the visitor about the various manufacturers, the forms of engraving found on the blades, and any information about the owners and provenance.