Library Collections Annex -- Mission & Goals


The Library Collections Annex at Brown University strives to effectively store, house and preserve library materials in order to facilitate the evolution of all campus library collections while keeping these research tools readily accessible to library users.


The Library Collections Annex will support Brown University's commitment to the pursuit of knowledge in assistance and collaboration with the Brown University library system, connecting researchers to the knowledge resources that are essential to them.


In order to maintain the highest level of customer service, the Library Collections Annex staff is passionately committed to a unique, dynamic, reliable library facility and the diligent role it plays in the process of learning at Brown University.


  • To protect and preserve the collections.
  • To maintain high quality service combined with an excellent inventory and retrieval system for easy, quick and reliable access to materials.
  • To provide comfortable and secure on-site reading facilities for those who want do research at the Annex.
Shrink-wrapped book truck
Annex Reading Room
Temperature/humidity control panel
Shrink-wrapped book truck arriving to be processed
Annex Reading Room
Temperature/humidity control panel