David E. Pingree Collection


The David E. Pingree Collection is a remarkable resource for the study of mathematics in the ancient world, in particular India, and the relationship of Eastern mathematics to the development of mathematics and related disciplines in the West. The holdings consist of both antiquarian and recent books published in Sanskrit, Arabic, Hindi, and Western languages as well as microfilm and photocopies of manuscript material from around the world, much of which is now lost in its original format.

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» Die Theogonie, Philosophie und Kosmogonie der Hindus

» Thirty-five years in the East : adventures, discoveries, experiments, and historical sketches, relating to the Punjab and Cashmere; in connection with medicine, botany, pharmacy, &c.

» India, its state and prospects.

» The high-caste Hindu woman.

» Poeseos Asiaticae commentariorum libri sex, cum appendice; : subjicitur Limon, seu Miscellaneorum liber:

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