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  Frequently Asked Questions about ILLiad

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» Guide to Interlibrary Loan Services at Brown University

» What is ILLiad?
» Is security a problem if I use a public workstation?
» What is Electronic Delivery?
» Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about ILLiad?
» What about deputy borrowers?

What is ILLiad?
ILLiad is the electronic system used to request, track, and, in some cases, receive an item ordered for you by Interlibrary Loan (ILL). By logging into ILLiad, you are accessing your account which associates your personal information with your requests.

Is security a concern if I use a public workstation to access ILLiad?
Yes, if you are concerned about the privacy of your interlibrary loan requests you should:

  • Take the same precautions used to protect your personal web-based email accounts to protect your ILLiad account.
  • When using a public access workstation exit from the browser before you leave the workstation.

What is Electronic Delivery?
Many libraries ship photocopies of articles to us in electronic format. These articles are delivered to your ILLiad account.

Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about ILLiad?
Interlibrary Loan is located on level one of the Rockefeller Library. You may stop by in person, call 401-863-2169, or send e-mail to Interlibrary_Loan@Brown.Edu. Office hours are Monday - Friday; 8:30am - 5:00 p.m.

What about Deputy Borrowers?
ILLiad can now be configured to recognize deputy borrowers. To make arrangements to become a deputy borrower, you or your faculty member should contact the Rock ILL office at 401-863-2169 or email us at