Wandering Jew Collection

The gift of W. Easton Louttit, Jr., Class of 1925, this collection includes plays, poems, novels, and stories, and prints, as well as critical, philosophical, and scholarly studies of the archetypical story of men shut out from the human community and doomed to wander eternally. Possibly the finest accumulation of books on this theme to be found outside the Bibliotheque Nationale. It contains over 1,500 volumes featuring works by Goethe, Schiller, Shelley, Feuchtwanger, Edwin Arlington Robinson and especially Eugene Sue.

Format(s): Books, Manuscripts, Broadsides, Sheet Music
Library: John Hay
Contact(s): William_Monroe@brown.edu (Primary Contact)
Contact(s): Laura_Stokes@brown.edu

Access to the collection:

Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Individual records for most printed materials available on JOSIAH
General description of the collection available on JOSIAH
Wandering Jew Collection (Brown University

Other Online Access:
Non-brown Web Page: Jewish Encyclopedia (1906): Wandering Jew
Non-brown Web Page: Encyclopedia Mythica: Wandering Jew

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