David E. Pingree Collection on the History of Mathematics and the Exact Sciences

The late David E. Pingree chaired the Department of History of Mathematics at Brown, and acquired a scholarly reputation of international renown from his own research into the history of mathematics and the exact sciences. In the course of his research, he compiled a research collection of books, pamphlets and manuscripts (many in photocopy format)in a variety of languages, some exceedingly rare and others found nowhere else in North America. The collection comprises more than 22,000 items, and is a remarkable resource for the study of mathematics in the ancient world. Its special focus on India and the relationship of Eastern mathematics to the development of mathematics and related disciplines in the West makes it of unique and particular importance for the study of the history of science.

Format(s): Books, Serials, Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Microform
Library: Rock, John Hay
NOTE: Portions of this collection are housed off-site. Prior notice is needed for retrieval
Contact(s): William_Monroe@brown.edu
Contact(s): Holly_Snyder@brown.edu

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Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Individual records for most printed materials available on JOSIAH

Other Online Access:
Collection Web Site: Digital Bookplate with link to JOSIAH title list
Publication: Brown University Press Release
Other: Namas Te: Online Memorial to the Department of History of Mathematics

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