Damon Blake Collection

Blake scholar S. Foster Damon's collection of ca. 300 editions of William Blake's works, and critical and historical works about Blake. The collection contains original editions of some of Blake's source materials, a few of his own works, and works on which Blake collaborated. There are also such items as an excellent collection of sheet music for Blake's poems, a wide variety of prints, and a Blake Bible. The collection also has value for its marginalia by Foster Damon, along with his Blake notebooks, correspondence, and unpublished manuscripts. The Blake collection has been supplemented by modern editions of Blake, Trianon Press editions, and other fine printing. 1972 bequest of S. Foster Damon.

Format(s): Books, Manuscripts, Sheet Music, Graphics, Letters
Library: John Hay
Contact(s): Christopher_Geissler@brown.edu

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Damon Blake Collection

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