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Sources for the Study of 19th and 20th Century Blackface Minstrelsy


Buckley's Ethiopian melodiesLittle books of lyrics to popular songs, most dating from the late 18th century to the late 19th century. Many are associated with particular performers or composers, such as Dan Bryant or Harrigan and Hart. In Josiah, they may be found by searching for the subject "Songsters." It is also possible to find them by publisher or by the name of a performer. Use the limit function to select for date or other criteria. In addition, it is useful to search the titles in the chapter references or bibliography in Robert Toll's book Blacking Up. Most of the songsters are available on microfilm, and thus photocopies can be made at need.

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Minstrel Plays or Skits

These include actual skits performed by professional minstrel troupes (primarily in the 19th century) and those intended for amateur performers (primarily in the 20th century). Search Josiah by publisher (author search), by playwright, or using the references in Blacking Up. Many of the plays are too fragile to photocopy, although some exist on microfilm or microfiche and can be copied from these sources.

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Sheet Music

Music with notation for single songs. Most of the titles associated with minstrelsy from 1826 to the late 19th century are in Josiah. Often the music has very interesting and illuminating illustrated covers and includes portraits of performers. Sheet music can be found in Josiah by title, by performer, by composer, and by a wide variety of subjects. "African-Americans--Songs and Music" will retrieve a great many pieces. In addition, there are many uncataloged pieces filed by title. References in Blacking Up are useful, as are songs cited in the Sam Dennison's Scandalize My Name. Photocopies of sheet music can easily be made. In addition, there are digitized copies of over 1,300 pieces of African-American related sheet music on the web. See: Brown University African-American Sheet Music 1850-1920.

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Searching for Blackface Msintrelsy in Josiah

Publishers (also use as limit): Musicians & playwrights (19th cent.):
Dick & Fitzgerald, pub.
De Witt, Robert M., pub.
New York Popular Publishing Co.
Brady, Frederic A., pub.
Turner & Fisher, pub.
Winch, A. pub.
Leavitt, Andrew J.
Griffin, George W. H.
Dumont, Frank
Cutler, Frank
Buckley, James
Buckley, Frederick
White, Charles
Playwright (20th century): Kaser, Arthur Leroy (use him for 20th century minstrelsy)
Subject headings for 19th century minstrelsy: African-Americans Songs and Music
African-American Plays (careful of the date)
Minstrel Shows (limit by date)
Minstrels (limit by date)

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Buckley's Ethiopian melodies : published under the authority of James Buckley and Sons, proprietors and managers of Buckley's New Orleans Serenaders, containing the genuine Buckley's songs, as sung at their Opera House, 539 Broadway, New York. New York : P.J. Cozans, [c1853] Harris Index no. 3206. Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays

Christy's plantation melodies, no. 3. Published under the authority of Edwin P. Christy. Philadelphia ; New York, [etc.] : Fisher & Brother, c1853. Harris Index no. 3220. Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays