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Question: How do I request my course reserves in OCRA?

  • Go to https://library.brown.edu/reserves/.
  • Click the “Faculty/Deputy Login” button, enter your AuthID and password.
    • If you are an instructor, you will see “Manage My Reserves”
    • If you are a deputy, you will see a list of instructors for whom you are established as a deputy
    • The initial screen also has options:
      • For instructors to assign new deputies
      • For deputies to request assignment as a deputy
  • After clicking the “Manage Reserves” link , the OCRA main menu allow you to:
    • Create a new class in OCRA
    • Add reserves to an existing or upcoming class
    • Reactivate a class from a previous semester
  • Select the type of material you wish to add and follow the steps to identify the resource.
    Books Add physical BOOKS (and requests for ebook purchases) to be placed on reserve in the libraries.
    Online readings Request for permanent links or scans of journal articles, book chapters, licensed e-books or other ONLINE TEXT.
    Entire movies Request ENTIRE MOVIES: online screenings (VFNow) in Canvas AND physical media (videocassettes, DVDs) in the libraries.
    Audio Request digitized AUDIO files.
  • Text and audio analog material are digitized by Library staff; video formats are digitized by Academic Technology staff
  • Add all your materials, submit your requests, and preview the student view
  • You are responsible for adding the link to your E-reserves in your Canvas site by following the instructions at: http://brown.edu/go/canvas-ereserves

Can I reactivate reserves from a course I taught at Brown in the past?
Yes, you can reactivate classes previously entered into OCRA. Once you login, you will see your current and inactive courses. After you choose a semester, you can select a new course number and title.

Can I reactivate reserves from a course a colleague taught, and which I am now teaching?
Yes. Contact libweb@brown.edu to change instructors associated with a course.

How do I check the status of my reserve list (books, PDFs, movies …)?
Check the “View & Edit Reserves List” (top right of your OCRA course).

Can I have someone else do my OCRA requests for me?
Yes. You can assign a deputy by logging into the OCRA site.

I need help getting my materials scanned/digitized/uploaded.
Requests for all formats are made using OCRA. Using fair use guidelines, library staff will digitize library-owned text or audio materials. If you own a copy of the source text or audio work, library staff will digitize from those. The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program in CIS digitizes video requests submitted through OCRA.


How do students find electronic reserve material?
OCRA has a stand-alone interface that displays electronic reserves to students. You can add your e-Reserves link to your Canvas class by following the instructions at: http://brown.edu/go/canvas-ereserves

How do students find physical reserve material?
Books and other physical reserves are listed in Josiah – a link to which is on your courses’ OCRA listing and at http://josiah.brown.edu.

Can students access reserves outside of Canvas?
Yes. They can find online reserve materials at https://library.brown.edu/reserves/. Physical reserves are listed in Josiah.


How do I request that a movie be digitized for streaming?
Submit requests using OCRA. Go to https://library.brown.edu/reserves/.

How can students view movies?
Once in the course reserves list, students click on the "Go to Films" button. The course reserves list can be accessible through the course E-Reserves button in Canvas or directly at the Library OCRA homepage (students need the class password.)

Where are the movies physically located?
The Sciences Library or the Library Collections Annex.

If my movie doesn’t play, who do I contact?
Please update and enable your Java plugins if you are using FireFox. If that doesn’t work, contact the Brown HELP Desk.

If I’m off campus, how do I view movies?
You must use the VPN. If you need help downloading this application or if you still have issues, contact the Brown HELP Desk located in the CIT, 115 Waterman, or call 863-7457.

Can I review the list of films in OCRA before courses are activated?
No, you must reactivate your course in order to see the films requested. In the beginning of the semester, it can take up to 10 business days for your old movies to be reactivated. Once reactivated, you may go to “View and Edit Reserve List” to review your movie status (i.e., pending versus online).

When I reactivate my movie list, do I need to change the screening dates?
Not necessarily, but you should contact media_production@brown.edu if you need a film available right away. Reactivations may take up to 10 business days.

Who do I contact for questions about Movies?
For specific questions regarding Online Movies availability and playback contact media_production@brown.edu. For questions about activating your e-Reserves link to Canvas and on access to the Online Movies playlist within, contact your Instructional Technologist or email itg@brown.edu.


How do I add a Course Reserves link to my Canvas site?
The first step is to set up your reserves via OCRA. Once the reserves are ready, please follow the instructions at: http://brown.edu/go/canvas-ereserves to activate your e-Reserves link on Canvas. The Library web site (http://library.brown.edu) also has a link to OCRA for students and faculty to access course reserve materials.

How do I view movies in Canvas?
First, add the E-Reserves button to Canvas (see above). Then click on the E-reserves button in your left course navigation to see the “Go to Films” button from OCRA.

How do I activate my E-Reserves Link on Canvas?
By following the instructions at: http://brown.edu/go/canvas-ereserves

How do I add users so they can access my E-Reserves and Online Movies?
Contact ITG@brown.edu.