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Pre-conference workshop I and II: July 22, 2010
Congress: July 23-27, 2010

The Future of Latin American Library Collections and Research: Contributing and Adapting to New Trends in Research Libraries


Even though the challenges posed by technological innovations are not new to research libraries, emerging models of publishing, scholarly communication, acquisitions, processing, and access delivery have combined with recent economic misfortunes to accelerate the pace at which collection development practices are being transformed. These trends are certain to wield systematic implications on the way in which Latin American research library collections are built and the manner in which research libraries provide access to the region's documentation and creative expression production. The consequences for the future of Latin American Studies scholarship and of intellectual engagement with the area remain an open question requiring sustained thought and analysis.

SALALM LV will serve as a broad forum for examining, debating, and learning about practical as well as theoretical aspects related to recent trends in collection development and management, information access and delivery, scholarly communications, and other relevant areas as they relate to Latin American Studies librarianship, scholarly research and teaching. Special attention will be given to the likely opportunities, risks and consequences presented by those trends, and to the strategies which SALALM, its members, and other important stakeholders are --or could be-- implementing in order to adapt and shape outcomes.

The program will include scholarly presentations and panels, roundtable discussions, and workshops on practical problems and issues related to the conference theme. Key areas for discussion will include but are not limited to:

  • Assessing the effect of technological and economic trends on the future form of research library collections.

  • Evaluating how these trends are transforming the way in which information from and about Latin America is made accessible (cataloging, reformatting, conserving, sharing).

  • Rethinking interlibrary cooperation, consortia, resource sharing scenarios, and professional coalitions.

  • The role of book vendors and distributors in a changing environment.

  • Trends and issues in Latin American librarianship as a profession.

  • New trends in academic, commercial, nonprofit, popular publishing.

  • Library responses to new trends in scholarly research and teaching.


SALALM LV will take place at the Providence Biltmore Hotel, situated in downtown Providence, RI, near Brown University. Interested participants should contact Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, SALALM 2009-2010 president, with proposals (Deadline: March 31, 2010). For local arrangements and book exhibits, contact Patricia Figueroa.

Image credit: Photograph of downtown Providence by Marianne Groszko.